30 Days of RMDN

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March 29, 2022 – April 05, 2022





30 Days of RMDN™  is an NFT series exploring personal stories during Ramadan — a month of fasting, self-reflection and spirituality. Artist @mraj shares his most iconic Ramadan memories and experiences. Many are sure to relate. These virtual memoirs are presented as unique collectible artworks, which will be released each day during Ramadan 2022. Only 30 cubes will be sold, with holders receiving one extra NFT airdrop on their assigned day. Each CUBE is your key to unlocking the precious artwork it holds along with future content and virtual gatherings.

A collectible artwork (RMDN™ DAILY) will be airdropped to each RMDN™ CUBE holder on their corresponding day of Ramadan — featuring a unique snapshot of an iconic Ramadan moment ranging from the annual moon-sighting spectacle to the nostalgic memories of traditional End meals.    NOTE: 30% of the profits will be donated to Food Charities. 

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