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Nick Van Hofwegen, popularly known as Young & Sick, is a Dutch-born singer, songwriter, visual artist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Currently, he is based in Los Angeles. Young & Sick's work is authentic artistry, which provides a creative drive for other artists. His name, Young & Sick, is in memory of his pets owned while living in North London. Throughout his career, Nick has maintained a steady flow of inspiration reflected in his work. He has made the album cover art and other artworks for incredible artists such as Maroon Five, Robin Thicke, Foster the People, Young Thug, Machine Gun Kelly, Austin City Limits, M3F, and BUKU others. His passion for music and art has propelled him into pop culture, giving him prolific creative endeavors.

His creative but weird (as termed by some fans) has found a warm welcome in the blockchain space. His first NFT drop focuses on some of his crypto favorites while paving the way for his art collections. His NFT drops include:

  • The Independent – Golden Ticket
  • In Doge We Trust
  • Drugs Bunny
  • Spartan
  • Marine
  • Satoshi

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