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Odesza is an American electronic music duo that brings together artists Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. The two met when studying at Western Washington University and formed the band shortly before their graduation in 2012. The band grew to include creatives in the brass section, drummer, and Naomi Wild and Wynne, singers. Odesza released their debut album, “Summer’s Gone,” in 2012 and followed up with an EP titled “My Friends Never Die.” When exploring and experimenting on remixes of songs by other artists, the band remixed superstar RAC’s “Say My Name.”

The track received massive airplay and got nominated for a Grammy award. After that, the band made more successful albums and singles featuring other artists, including Sasha Sloan, Shy Girls, Zyra, and more. After NFTs took off, the band experimented on the space with a collaborative drop that featured JapaneseDad. It was titled “Remnants Collection //001” and was released on the Nifty Gateway platform in 2021.

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