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Victor Mosquera

Victor Mosquera is a concept artist based in Vancouver, Canada. His designs combine elements of graphic design, since fiction, and psychedelic art. His releases portray his creative genius in a way that brings people joy. Being such a talented artist, he has caught the attention of famous celebrities who have commissioned him to create artworks for them. Notable names he has recently worked with include Odesza and Kid Cudi. Before rising to fame, Victor worked as a concept artist for the video games company Ubisoft located in Toronto.

Victor recently joined the NFT space with a collection titled “Lotus' ' which features tokenized animations drawn from different themes the artist is interested in. The collections individual pieces represent spirituality, connectivity, the subconscious, and the afterlife. He chose to begin his journey on the Nifty Gateway platform and is hopeful to expand to other platforms with even more pieces of his art in the future.

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