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Superplastic is a global brand in the entertainment industry niche of creating and managing animated celebrities. Simple polishing of a little-known brand by Superplastic is all it takes for them to blow up and reach out to massive followers. Success stories changed their fortunes after the group handled brand popularisation of Instagram’s and Tik Tok’s sensations Janky & Guggimon, Dayzee & Staxx, Kranky, ShüDog, and more. The group’s business model involves producing limited-edition toys, some of which have earned them millions of dollars.
They bring the same marketing gimmicks to the NFT marketplace with limited editions of their works. Most of their productions are in collaboration with other renowned personalities. Combining the people involved has helped in marketing the releases such that they sell out within a short time. Notable NTF drops include the Super Tragic collection, Janky Fam, and the latest one, Frendz with Benzedrine. In the Frendz With Benzedrine drop, there are 4 unique NFTs named after the characters, Guggimon, Dayzee, Staxx, and Janky.

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