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MBSJQ is an acronym for (Made By Studio JQ) and is the brand name for Jonathan Quintin, a UK-based3D illustrator. His artworks are inspired by iridescent and outer space. Jonathan attended St. Gregory’s for his GCSE and began working as a graphic designer at Q films-TV in 2012. Later he worked as a Creative Director for Workbrands Limited and is currently listed as the creative director and co-founder of Studio-JQ. He has worked with some top brands and companies such as:

  • AON/Manchester United
  • Auto Trader UK
  • Bosch
  • Google Inc.
  • Uber (UK)
  • Rockstar Energy Drink
  • Intel

MBSJQ’s NFT debut drop on Nifty Gateway “Astro & The Universe” comprised of 3 futuristic pieces. They included 1 animated piece and 2 still images. In Spring 2021, he released his second NFT collection, “Astro & The Universe.” This collection featured four artworks. The idea behind this drop was to give collectors a glimpse of a brave astronauts’ journey to a psychedelic space world.

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mbsjq's past NFT Drops

  • Digital artist who is fascinated with Iridescent & Outer Space, mbsjq drops a new NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway. Titled ‘Lost In Space’, it drops on July 17th.


  • Jonathan Quintin aka mbsjq is a digital artist based in the UK. He is passionate about iridescent & outer space, therefore his artworks are almost always somehow...

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