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Nate Hill

Nate Hill is a recognized digital artist, photographer, and drummer born and based in Melbourne, Australia. He studied Visual Arts degree at Monash University. He started his career as a member of various bands before shifting to teaching. Initially, he did photography as a hobby and shared his work on Instagram with his family and friends. This platform was his stepping stone to fame and recognition of his photography style. Today, he is popularly known for his innovative style of creating an alternative reality. Twisted Landscapes is a series of photo manipulations that brings a new version of the universe. His works are majorly influenced by music, so he is passionate about creating visuals for bands and artists. He relies on photography apps such as Glitches, Mextures, Trigraphy, Matter, and Alien Sky to create a mix of photography, digital art, and photo manipulation. Nate has been lucky to have his work featured in Adobe Photoshop, Photographize Magazine, and Juxtapoz Magazine. Besides, he has worked with Disney/Star Wars, Apple, Foot Locker, and Warner Music.

Today, Nate is a full-time digital artist and photographer who makes considerable sales in NFT marketplaces. Some of his recent drops include:

  • I Forget Where We Were
  • Guide Me Towards The Ocean
  • How We Built The Ocean
  • The Future Is Here
  • Parallel Universe
  • The Future

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