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Jwinterm is the alias of John Winter Murphy on social media and NFT circles. He is a well-learned scientist holding a PhD and Master’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Texas at Dallas and an undergraduate degree from Drexel University. Jwinterm lived his early life in Newark, DE, and spent his childhood around the beach. Some of his hobbies at the time included skateboarding, hiking, basketball, and drawing. His education and career took him to Dallas, The Willamette Valley in Oregon, and East Bay.

In the NFT space, Jwinterm brought his expertise in science to the collaborative projects titled “GoodBoiSociety.io” and “Non-Fungible Soup.” His co-creators in both projects are artists Carty Sewill and lza_menace. In both projects, interested buyers mint randomized NFTs, which lack a starting index. Owners then put then NFTs up on the OpenSea platform for trade. The first project to launch was “GoodBoiSociety.io” in the summer of 2021. The “Non-Fungible Soup” followed after two weeks giving interested buyers a choice of two projects to invest their time and ETH tokens.

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