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Jonathan Wolfe

Jonathan Wolf is a painter and digital artist born in Calgary, Alberta. He studies in the Alberta University of the Arts. Jonathan’s childhood marks the whole trademark of his Artwork. Both fun and colors are characteristic of Jonathan’s style that help him stand out from the rest. He started taking art seriously at grade seven. His breakthrough came through his first work, “Living in my Head '' which gained him a massive following.

He dropped his first solo NFTs on Nifty Gateway on April 29th 2021, a collection called ‘Growing Up Got Old’. Jonathan has previously used clay while creating pieces for the ‘Fabricated Fairytales’ NFT collection. Some of the popular works he has done also include;

  • Plastic People
  • The Last Tree
  • Digitally Edited Acrylic
  • Clay Living in my Head
  • Blockchain Building

His highest career achievement was his work featuring in the IOSG 7th Old Friends Reunion Crypto gallery in Shanghai, China. His NFT drops are featured in $MEME, SuperRare, Nifty, Rarirble, and Digitalax.

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