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Gary Cartlidge

Gary Cartlidge is a graphic designer, cyber surrealist, illustrator, and digital artist born in Birmingham City. He schooled in England and worked for a short while as an electrician, during which he honed his artistic talent through street art. At the time, he was known by his other aliases, Lazarus2571 and Troy Fitzpatric. After saving enough money, he joined a University to study professional graphic design and covered the hidden opportunities in crypto ar during his studies.

Gary embraced the NFT space by joining Nifty Gateway, KnownOrigin, and SuperRare. His art pieces feature abstract art to provoke audiences’ thoughts and combining vectored elements with paint and photography. In 2021, Gary dropped a collection on Nifty Gateway titled “Still Between.”. The two works of art have Gary’s signature artistic style. The artist describes the collection as a successful showcase of human feelings of stagnation between innocence and nothingness in a digital context.

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