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Jason Ebeyer

Jason Ebeyer is a 3D artist and art director based in Melbourne, Australia. He works with H+ Creative, creative agency, and is well-known for his glossy figures and sensual style of artworks. He uses hyper surreal alien-like plastic models to blend his fashion and technology. His artwork is considered to come from the dreams of the digital generation. He acquired his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fine and Studio Arts from Curtin University and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design from Tractor Design School. His works have made him famous all over the world. Jason has always been drawing and making artworks since his tender age. His passion for digital art and graphics-based mediums got him into 3D art. He focuses on the female characters mainly because of his love of creating these powerful, strong women who are larger than life. Some of his fantastic artwork has been featured in Vogue Italia, Universal Music group, Warner Bros. Records, and Nike. Jason was the artist behind Troye Sivan's lyric video for the single 'Bloom,' which captured attention with its surreal, illustrated animation.

He recently launched an NFT collection, "Metamorphosis" on Nifty Gateway with IV gallery. Other collections, include:

  • Gloss (Nifty Gateway)
  • The Monument (Nifty Gateway)
  • Gloom (SuperRare)
  • Bold Chair (SuperRare)
  • Ignition (SuperRare)
  • Eternal Bloom (SuperRare)

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