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Ekaitza is an American-based visual artist who articulates his creativity by blending traditional illustrations with 3D designs. The most notable creations which have contributed to his fame are the exceptional and colorful skulls that contain great detail. Ekaitza has a presence on all popular social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with over 10,000 followers on all platforms. In creating art, the artist draws inspiration from futurism and technology and seeks to communicate ideas about how the future will judge current events.

His name is not new to NFT platforms like Nifty Gateway, having already dropped very successful projects. His debut drop was a solo project, “Reflections,” released in Spring 2021. This drop was followed by the “Time to Rise” collection, which was released on Nifty Gateway in Summer 2021. It features 24 other artists.

Besides, Ekaitza offers consultancy on NFT space and has been a critical advisor in some of the most monumental NFT projects. In his own words, he aspires to help collectors have actual ownership over their digital assets through blockchain.

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