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Cory Van Lew

Cory Van Lew is undoubtedly one of the brightest representatives of the digital art community. Californian by origin, Cory fell in love with the vibrant, colorful world around him in early childhood. Creative by nature, the artist-to-be once showed interest in graphic design through Adobe Photoshop classes and was captured with it very quickly. After years of work as a freelance designer, Van Lew picked up a paintbrush and started paving his way to the artsy Olympus.

The worldwide recognition caught up to Van Lew at the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. Then, the first series of 'blue face' characters was created, which laid the basis of the artist's recognizable style. Blue-faced people in Cory's pieces are known to represent the darkest corners of human nature through a positive lens of art.

Shortly after the release, Cory woke up a star. His 'blue face' characters became viral, which made big brands, celebrities, and other artists draw to him for collaborations. Thus, in 2020, Van Lew was allowed to work with Disney on the recreation of the moment from the Soul animated movie. The artwork fell into the hearts of movie fans and now can be observed and purchased printed on merch throughout Disney stores. Later, in 2020, already renowned artist Cory Van Lew entered the NFT space with SuperRare. His initial 'phase one' drop was not that successful until the NFT degen Fewocious decided to purchase all three pieces.

Currently, about three years after the first entry into the NFT realm, Cory Van Lew has contributed to releasing NFT collections with Mike Tyson, Jake Paul, and Teyana Taylor. The most recent of the artist's collabs concerns Rug Radio. Cory has created an extensive series of PFPs dubbed Faces of Web3 for the blue-chip NFT project. 

Cory Van Lew draws inspiration for his art from his own and other people's lives, utilizing the so-called 'Theory of Transmission.' His works are communicating with an observer through expressive color palettes, presenting stark realities in a vibrant, optimistic way.

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