Faces of Web3 NFT Collection by Rug Radio and Cory Van Lew

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February 06, 2023 – February 08, 2023






One of the most eponymous personalities in the realm, NFT degen and founder of the Rug Radio web3 platform, Farokh, has finally announced the launch of his own PFP collection dubbed Faces of Web3. The upcoming NFT series comes as part of the scaling campaign of Farokh's decentralized media platform. The generative avatar project was primarily revealed at Miami Art Basel in late 2022. Today, after about two months, the collection is finally going live.

To bring the collection to life, Farokh turned to the eminent NFT artist Cory Van Lew. Processed in Cory’s characterful 'blue dream,' style, Faces of Web3 aims to push forward the narrative of the Rug Radio platform. What’s more, Farokh himself will be announcing the start of the mint. The degen calls out to the community not to mint anything before his official announcement.

The PFP series is minting today, February 6th, through a 48-hour window. The mint will be available for:

  • Rug Radio Genesis NFT holders: 1 NFT = 1 PFP for 690 $RUG 
  • Cory Van Lew one-of-one holders: 1 NFT = 5 PFPs for free
  • $RDAO token holders: 1 free PFP for every user who held 1 $RDAO before December 27th, 2022

It's going to be a large-scale generative art project, speaking in the 'biggest voices of web3.' 

The collection will be launched in several stages. Thus, about 20K generative Rug Radio PFPs are likely to go on sale via the first wave on February 6th. This number is based on the total number of Genesis Rug Radio NFTs that reached 20,000 NFTs. Anyway, it doesn't mean that the PFP Collection will feature 20,000 ‘Faces’. It’s more like an indicator of the maximum. 

The second wave will be announced immediately after the first one finishes. Wave two will be powered by Ethereum, while the price per PFP, as well as the total supply, will be announced in a while. The team will need some time to allow list different communities.

Further, wave three will likely happen. This stage will be fully reserved for the public, with a limitation of only one NFT per wallet. This is made to allow those people who weren't lucky enough to win raffles or pre-mints to grab the desired PFP.

According to Farokh, the Rug Radio ecosystem is created for the community, with all the most beneficial perks of web3 available for its members. Access to the ecosystem is provided via the Membership Pass, which provides voting rights and community participation perks. Additionally, Rug Radio also has a Genesis NFT collection, allowing its holders to earn $RUG utility tokens, which open the doors to the Rug Radio DAO.

Join the blue-chip community of like-minded web3 innovators by minting a Faces of Web3 NFT! 

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