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Oscar Llorens

A talented illustrator and digital artist Oscar Llorens is a Madrid-born creator with international acclaim. His eye-catching cartoonish, somewhat grotesque art has brought him wide recognition, pushing big brands, companies, and organizations like Coca-Cola, The Washington Post, United Nations, Cirque du Soleil, Vanity Fair, and others to commission work from him.

The little bug-eyed creatures that inhabit Llorens' imagination come to this world processed with graphite and acrylic, or digitized to become non-fungible tokens. After over 15 years in freelance, Oscar found himself in tokenized art, having created a few collections and one-of-one artwork in his distinctive, captivating style. Some of Llorens’ most renowned digital works include Doraemon, Alone in Tokyo, Color Universe, and others.

Explore vibrant color palettes, unexpected shapes, and whimsical creatures in Oscar's artworks, and get inspiration for your creative endeavors.

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