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Jeremy Booth

Jeremy Booth is a renowned artist with a focus on commercial, editorial, and mural illustrations. His artworks sipped through with the Wild West motifs, form Booth’s recognizable characterful style. Throughout nearly a decade in professional illustration as a freelancer, the artist has managed to make commercials for multiple big-name brands, including Amazon, British GQ, Entertainment Weekly, Warby Parker, and others.

In 2020, Jeremy Booth, bored with the fuzz of freelance projects, started working for Coinbase as a full-time designer. Forced to delve deeper into the NFT matter due to his work, Booth decided to create some tokens himself. Thus, already in February 2021, he minted his initial artwork and the second one a few days later. What surprised Booth the most was that both NFTs were sold for 1 ETH on the same weekend.

Inspired by the quick success, the artist started creating more digital works that were focused on a pop surrealist type of style. But after a while, a sequence of tragic events made him quit for some time, accumulating strength for a big comeback. 

Upon his return, Booth started exploring PFPs with the launch of his Bushidos NFT collection which made a splash in the realm. Further, a long period of experiments began. At that time, the creator set about pondering the Western style. Seeing romance in cow-boyhood, Booth realized that no one was doing Western art in web3, so he jumped in, with the thought like: “I’m going to be the Western NFT guy.”

Since then, Jeremy Booth has gone miles, co-working with different NFT platforms and brands. Some of his legendary works, such as Wild Frontier, Saguaro, and many others bear hefty price tags and are centerpieces in the collections of the most avid NFT degens.

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