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Christoper Torres, popularly known as Nyancat, is a Puerto Rican artist, traveler, and creator of LOL Comics based in Texas, United States. The 26-year old is well known for his GIF creation, NyanCat, initially called Pop Tart Cat. It was initially released as a music video with over 7.2 million views and achieving top ten viral videos in Business Insider. Chris rose to media limelight after selling this Nyan Cat on NFT space on the memes 10th anniversary.

Christoper loves taking cute cat photos and working on tech, video games, or viewing humor sites. Chris Torres, Popularly known in social media as PRguitarman, has been part of lolcats, lol presidents, and icanhas-cheezburger. He has passion for comics and focuses on having their own invisible bike. The NyanCat is very popularly known in San Japan and is used by people in the streets.

The NyanCat, infamous cat, made a grand entrance in the NFT space with over $600,000 in an open auction. This pushed Chris Torres to Launch Memeconomy, an event that allows artists to sell their popular memes. Some of Chris Torres memes include Keyboard Cat and Bad Luck Brian which features in an open auction in NFT marketplaces.

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  • Chris Torres better known as @PRguitarman is an artist, photographer, and creator behind LOL-Comics and a legendary Nyan Cat. Being a true cat lover, these fluffy friends...

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