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Hackatao, an Italian artist duo made of N. and S., are among the first artist to embrace blockchain technology through Crypto Art and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Their name comes from ‘Hack, which refers to the pleasure of uncovering what is hidden, and ‘Tao’ referring to the creative dynamic balance of Yin and Yang. Hackatao creates an innovative exponent of the current artistic scenario by blending past cultural quotes with brave and ultra-contemporary forms. This duo came into existence in 2007 while working on sculptures and totemic shapes, popularly known as Podmonk. Like other popular artistic groups, Hackatao was motivated by addressing the environment, societal issues, humanity, and cryptocurrencies through artworks. Their style is always unique and unmistakable. Hackatao started their artistic activity in Milan, Italy but later moved to a small village in the Carnic Alps, Oltris, into a radical creative act. Some of their famous artworks include:

  • Kim Jong Un - ‘Dead and Alive’ Edition
  • Sibylla: Yes, No, Maybe Edition
  • Queens Open Edition

You can get most of their collections tokenized on SuperRare, KnownOrigin, Nifty Gateway, among other NFT marketplaces.

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