Marina Marina 09.03.2023

Yuga Labs Announces 2nd Trip Into Otherside Metaverse On March 25th

Yuga Labs, the brains behind the popular Otherside metaverse, has announced an upcoming journey into its metaverse for a second time. The interactive gaming experience, dubbed the 2nd Trip, will be held on March 25th. The precise time will be announced soon. 

According to the announcement, holders of the Otherdeed, an NFT collection that lets users claim virtual land on the Otherside metaverse, will have priority access to the 2nd Trip, as they can join the experience 15 minutes earlier. 

Furthermore, Otherdeed NFT holders, who the project calls Voyagers, can invite a guest to participate in the 2nd Trip. Information showing how guests can join the experience will be communicated before March 25th. Voyagers who fail to join early will not be admitted into the metaverse when it reaches peak capacity. 

The First Trip into the Otherside metaverse, held in July 2022, onboarded over 4,600 players. But the company said the 2nd Trip would accommodate up to 10,000 Voyagers on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

The Otherside community team also mentioned in a Twitter post the means for anyone to view the program:

“We are also expanding the playable region list from First Trip, allowing more Voyagers from around the globe to participate in the event. Everybody is invited to watch along on our official livestream.”

Like the First Trip hosted by Yuga Labs, Voyagers, and guests will join the 2nd Trip through an official link provided by the project. Four Otherside team captains with unknown identities will lead a two-hour narrative experience as part of the trip in the metaverse

Voyagers who attend the 2nd Trip will be eligible to earn the First Trip Obelisk Piece linked to the overall Otherside narrative. This arrangement benefits those who could not join the First Trip last year. 

However, users are required to own an Otherdeed NFT to be eligible for an Obelisk Piece. Those who already got the piece from the First Trip do not need to undergo the process again.

Yuga Lab’s upcoming metaverse event adds to its growing appeal as a leading destination for virtual experiences. It also demonstrates the exciting engagement opportunities brands can offer audiences through NFTs.