Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 31.08.2021

UTA Signs NFT Art Projects CryptoPunks, Meebits and Autoglyphs (Exclusive)

This fine venture will facilitate the valid representation of crypto arts projects. The list of projects is beefed up with some fantastic art projects and chief among those arefilm, publishing projects, and video games.

Remember, this is just a pick from a whole lot meaning that mainstream art representation is full. Such strides will not only popularize NFT but will also strengthen relations and joint ventures with other crypto-based operations.

The CryptoPunks are going Hollywood

Looking at Larva Labs, which is also part and parcel of the art projects, they have officially put to book a contract with United Talent Agency with the main aim of providing or consistently representing in films and a whole lot of visuals.

UTA is one sector that has also abided with Meebits and Autoglyphs to represent projects under the banner of Larva Labs. These two (Meebits and Autoglyphs) are part and parcel of Larva Labs. With the rising concern of non-fungible tokens becoming topical in Hollywood, we just have to say that members must be on the lookout for crypto native IP.

They are pushing forward to become ideal forms participants in the traditional media setup. Many reports from reputable sources have streamed in the mainstream media supporting such initiatives. The opportunity is pretty huge really because members can actually experience an IP that bears its origin in a crypto world. It's wonderful to see such Zeniths of representation.

The most fascinating aspect presented by Larva Labs is their ability to enhance and consistently maintain high valued collections. Matt Hall's excitement and appreciation of the UTA joint venture with Larva Labs is a great show of encouragement. Matt Hall is the official co-founder of the popular Larva Labs.

He recently remarked that such ventures are not only there to provide benefits and desired expansions but also touched on their importance in guaranteeing long-term valuation and benefits. Going back to 2017, crypto members would care to know that CryptoPunks is one of the first NFT packages to be launched in that specified year. You would be glad to know that every single punk has certain specific features and editions which include hair and hats.

The number of features varies creating that big difference. Punks have gathered up lucrative momentum of late with 8 characters accumulating a total of $2 million in a space of six weeks. In total, the character tally stands at 10,000 while the overall value stands at $2 billion.

Autographs arepretty young in the game having been launched in 2019, it is yet to break up the market at large. Meebits is a 2021 brainchild that is also exceptionally promising crypto fireworks.
Looking at all three projects, they have all been utilizing a perfect code to come up with a perfect piece of art. Blockchain, which has extended its operations in other crypto-based operations, also has a huge influence on everything that you get to experience in project display. With the way things are looking, it seems NFTs are slowly becoming a force to reckon with?