Alice Lynx Alice Lynx 01.09.2021

Original 'Doge' meme sells as an NFT for a total of $4 million

NFT keeps on getting better and better looking at their recent presentation of a $4 million dogecoin-based deal, an astounding transact it is! The most fascinating aspect about the whole deal is that members can now own a Doge piece from an amount less than $1.

You probably know Doge from the days of ShibaInu or the amazing dog feature with the name Kabosu. Who can forget the main foundations in 2010 which accounted for the creation of massive cryptocurrency dogecoin? From then onwards, it has never looked back. Thanks to this $4 million venture officially concluded in June of this year.

Yes, many have turned all skeptical on such a huge amount for your own jpeg but to tell the certain truth, Doge lays its base on an online community that is not only reputable but elite. Remember, dogecoin shares the top podium with some of the best cryptocurrency coins you might think of.

Even Elon Musk and Mark Cuban think likewise and in actual fact, they have used this coin at some point. It's not all of the investors who are really able to purchase or obtain Doge meme for a million dollars but thanks to the $1 purchasable feature, many investors and members are now able to own meaningful amounts of dogecoin.

This is one hell of an opportunity for every investor out there! Why is it now possible to purchase or own dogecoin at such a low value? Well, all thanks have to go to PleasarDAO. PleasarDAO enables fractional ownership or what we would like to call bit and piece ownership. The venture is the latest and many customers are still not aware of it but with its interesting movement, we hope that traction will be achieved.

Here’s how it works

PleasarDAO has an internal platform called It's all meant to breakdown or compartmentalize NFT and in turn, this means that NFT is now displayed by a billion active ERC-20 tokens.

We all know how ERC-20 tokens are in the creation of contracts. Since the representation is official, those tokens assume the emblem DOG. Looking at Dog holders, they now have the privilege of making influential decisions, governing as soon as the opportunity arises. NFT at this instance is now controlled and shaped by DOG holders. Such strides have also been confirmed by PleasarDAO CEO, Jamis Johnson.

Since PleasarDAO is in the thickest of fractionalizing NFT, members should know that it's not the first one to do so. PleasarDAO is making a lot of lucrative extensions with NFT fractionalizing.

Investors have now a much bigger opportunity to own up iconic deals and assets. However, we recommend investors stay in their lanes when it comes to investing. Desist from unnecessary ambition but instead invest that which you can afford to lose. It's not a matter of falling victim to peer pressure but it's all about investing appropriately. With the current growth of NFT, reaching mouthwatering double billion tags, you will surely have to find yourself in the mix.