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Twelve-year-old boy makes £290,000 from whale NFTs

The NFT community was recently startled upon discovering that a 12-year-old lad clinched a mouthwatering £290,000 worth of ethereum after participating in some exciting NFT Weird Whales play.

Such pixelated artworks can be clinched by anyone who manages to play to book. NFTs are pretty flexible meaning that players can actually own NFTs through a legitimate certificate because they are tokenized formats, such exciting features is the major foundation in this £290000 clinch.

Thanks to the current stability of cryptocurrency, Benyamin Ahmed currently holds his sum of money in form of Ethereum, which is the actual currency. Such an option has its backdrops and pros.

Since Ahmed had no traditional account, the value can fluctuate in a recession mode and the vulnerability is pretty high. Hackers can easily compromise such wallets setups. Every cryptocurrency movement has its pros and cons but that is not dragging young Ahmed from enjoying it.

Extremely proud

It did not take long for you Ahmed to post videos on YouTube for his mouthwatering crypto wealth even though most of his classmates are yet not aware. Some of the videos he posted are all in all showing his normal sporting life.

You talk of swimming, badminton and many hobbies he is very fond of. Ahmed reiterated that fellow children should not focus too much attention on coding, desist from peer pressure plays but rather focus on that which you are best in.

Doing what's best for you release the best from you. Luckily for young Ahmed, he has a father who carries a lot of expertise in software development and has a much-fancied reputation in the world of traditional finance.
Benyamin and Yousef (brother) were both encouraged by their father to start coding at such a young age. Luckily for the two lads, they had a strong network backup perfectly tailored by their father. Experts and coding fanatics were at their disposal which was a big leap in gaining so much from the crypto world.

More serious

Ahmed confesses that starting early has laid the base for what he thinks is going to be a fantastic coding and cryptocurrency journey. He plans on furthering his coding knowledge in the next three months.

Looking at how they did it, well Ahmed confessed that each and every day they managed to set aside 20 to 30 minutes of coding. He has played Minecraft inspired and Weird Whales is the second digital art he has played so far.

His inspiration is derived from a meme image which was all in all a success looking at how he managed to come up with 3,350 icons all based on Weird Whales. It has been a great success for young Ahmed. At the moment, he is working on a superhero-themed collection which is all meant to offer all those hero fanatics. Imran continues to support his sons in their bid to breathe the market of coding.

Digital art is definitely the way to go at the moment!