Unifred Unifred 26.04.2023

Toonstar Unveils Its Third NFT-Backed Animated TV Series 'Space Junk'

Following the launch of 'The Gimmicks' and 'House of Chico,' Web3 entertainment studio Toonstar has unveiled its third NFT-backed animated television series titled 'Space Junk.'

Space Junk, a workplace comedy about garbage collectors in space, was created and written by Dominic Russo ('Workaholics'). The voices of Jon Heder ('Napoleon Dynamite,' 'Blades of Glory') and Tony Cavalero ('School of Rock,' 'The Righteous Gemstones') will be featured in the TV show. 

The comedy series will be NFT-backed, giving the viewers an innovative way to connect with the show and its characters. Minting “Space Junk” NFTs on the Theta blockchain, fans of the show will be able to participate in narrative development, create their own characters and storylines, and engage in unique fan experiences. Mint is scheduled for May 15th with each token priced at $20. 

Furthermore, the soon-to-be-released series will feature a robot character, 'Wellbecca,' voiced solely by AI-generated software. The Space Junk viewers will have a chance to interact directly with Wellbecca, making their experience with the series even more gripping. 

Toonstar plans bi-weekly episode releases with the season consisting of eight episodes for up to 14 minutes. Anyone will be able to watch the series for free here starting from May 19th. 

Speaking on the latest development, Toonstar co-founder John Attanasio said that by launching the Web3 series, the company is pushing the technology forward. Such a way of interaction with the story creates brand-new experiences for fans and creators. 

"With 'Space Junk' we're taking it even further, merging great content with gameplay that will launch a new Web3-enabled model of interactive entertainment," he added.

Aside from being absorbing and interactive, the Space Junk series also bears a social mission. The problem of space debris that leaked to the media after an international team of researchers had confirmed that space is overloaded with rubbish is the leitmotif of the series. To depict this impending issue accurately on screen, Toonstar partnered with an aerospace engineer. 

Meanwhile, with the continuous release of NFT-backed animated series, including the upcoming ‘Space Junk,’ Toonstar has continued to show the broader entertainment industry that web3 can form better opportunities for creators, increase community engagement, and also highlight social issues.