The Iconic Guitar Maker Fender Files for NFT Patents

One of the world's top-ranking guitar manufacturers, Fender, is about to enter the web3 realm. The three NFT-related patent requests filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) evidence that perfectly. However, this initiative is more about Fender's intellectual property protection, especially its guitar models, rather than jumping into NFTs.

Thus, according to the trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis' tweet, Fender has submitted a series of trademark applications concerning its headstock shape in potential NFT products, including artworks, photographs, videos, and “audio recordings featuring music and musical instruments”.

It's noteworthy that this filing is already the second Fender's attempt at web3. Thus, roughly one year ago, the LA-based guitar manufacturer turned to USPTO seeking protection for its logo and its history-making Stratocaster model in the form of NFTs.

As for some other iconic guitar manufacturers, the market leaders are gradually entering the web3 space. For example, another respectful guitar manufacturer Gibson filed NFT-related applications for its Les Paul and Thunderbird top-notch models.

Currently, all those who somehow used Fender guitars in their NFT production must feel under pressure. While we still don't know how the guitar maker will use its patents, the large brand's fanbase is waiting for the news with anticipation. Doubtfully, NFTs open up groundbreaking opportunities for the music industry, and guitar makers here are no exception.