Chris Chris 14.05.2022

All Holders will Receive a Passive Income Generated by Our Secondary Market — Founder's Interview

Chris: Hi there! Please introduce yourself. 

Dariush: I’m Dariush Haghighi Tajvar, a 24 years old crypto expert, and a long-date watches collector. 

I’m the co-founder of The Artisan with Renato Capizzi who is a partner of mine for many years. 

Chris: The Artisan is a group of watchmakers bringing the physical watch collection to the Metaverse. Are you a  team of watch enthusiasts wanting to bring in your interest in the Web 3.0 platform?  

Dariush: Our main goal is to bring the metaverse into the real world linking these two universes and solving the problems of the  physical world through the use of advanced technologies. We have therefore combined this desire with our passion for watches. 

However, our team is made up not only of watch enthusiasts but also of experts from the NFT world,  communication, and many more. 

Chris: What has inspired you and your team to develop this non-fungible token?  

Dariush: As mentioned above our desire to solve a real-life-related problem was our impetus. 

Anyway, we also wanted to create something impressive and notable in order to make a difference in the NFTs world,  we are not an only-art project but a true game-changer business that will revolutionize the way people use the metaverse and the way people buy watches. 

Chris: To explain further, how will the investors receive their physical copies of the watch NFTs? 

Dariush: We have organized a Giveaway that we call “The final raffle”  because it will take place at the very end of our launch process as a consequence of the burn phase.

All the “complete NFTs” holders will be eligible to win 1-of-8  physical watches, unique pieces personalized as the ones you can see on our website

Chris: Likewise, how will the prices of tokens be decided? 

Dariush: We decided on the tokens’ prices by considering our Tokenomics needs in order to achieve all the roadmaps’  goals and to create something consistent and stable. Anyway, we take into account the idea to be within everyone’s reach and sell our timepieces memorabilia at a  low price. 

Chris: Centrally, what are the different traits and features of  The Artisan NFTs? How have the rarities been defined? 

Dariush: We defined the rarity levels as a consequence of the personalization level required for the physical watches. The highest is the value of the changes made, the highest is the actual rarity of its nft twin. 

Then we have considered many other criteria, such as the need to keep the secondary market activity and encourage exchange operations between our investors, especially during the “second phase” also known as “the box launch”. Anyway, we have designed 8 different styles for 8 different watches and boxes. 

The rarity level will affect the number of tokens our investors will receive by staking our digital timepieces in the metaverse caveau, once they have obtained the complete nft. 

Likewise, according to the rarity level, they will be able to enter into an exclusive area of our meta-boutique.

Chris: To be sure, what is the minting process of the Artisan tokens? How many watch NFTs can one mint in one transaction? 

Dariush: Actually, we have a minting page of our own where the investors can buy 4 NFTs if whitelisted or 8 NFTs during the public mint phase. 

Anyway, we have a partnership with LaToken which is a  broker with more than one million single users monthly and over 300 million dollars traded every day. 

The minting process it’s easy, the investors need to use a  Solana-friendly wallet (as Phantom) and connect it to our minting site. 

Because of our decision to launch on Solana chain, our commission fees are low, but still, they are so remember to charge an extra 0,1 Sol. 

Chris: We also read that there is a second launch planned for the Artisan tokens. What else is planned for the future of the NFT collection?  

Dariush: The sold-out of the NFTs-covered watches will be followed by a second collection of 3500 boxes which will be divided into 8 different rarities. 

These two collections need to be paired by color in order to obtain the “complete NFTs” during the burning phase. After the second launch, we will focus on the creation of a  digital boutique where people all around the world will be able to personalize and buy physical watches customized by our artisans. 

Keep in touch for more news guys. 

Chris: Before closing, please explain the benefits of buying  the token to potential investors  

Dariush: All the holders of the so-called “complete NFTs” will receive with staking a passive income generated by our secondary market revenue and by our physical watches sails.

Moreover, all the owners of a copy of our nfts will participate in physical or digital events and will join our exclusive community in the metaverse. 

We are scheduling more improvements to the benefits given by our nfts, as usual, we invite you to keep in touch by joining us on Discord and Twitter and never miss any news.