Tezos Foundation Joins Efforts with Google Cloud to Boost Building of dApps on Tezos

The Swiss-based non-profit organization that supports the Tezos blockchain, Tezos Foundation, has announced a big partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration will allow the cloud computing business to deploy Tezos nodes and build dApps on the Tezos chain.

The news arrived on February 22nd via the Tezos Foundation's Twitter post, reading that the non-profit is "working with Google Cloud to accelerate web3 application development on the Tezos blockchain."

Currently, Tezos is known to be one of the most widely used, eco-friendly smart contract protocols for dApps. The gaming giant Ubisoft, the California Department of Motor Vehicle, and now, Google, are only a few of the chain's corporate clients.

The Tezos Foundation will allow both new and existing Google Cloud customers to its corporate baking program that ensures easy deployment of nodes and indexers on the Tezos protocol. Moreover, the dApp developers will seamlessly host and deploy RPC (Remote Procedure Call) nodes for their web3 applications utilizing the Tezos blockchain and the ramified Google Cloud infrastructure. 

The collaboration's benefits don't end there. Selected Tezos incubator startups will become eligible to receive Google Cloud financial support and mentorship via the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This initiative is aimed at providing the necessary resources to the next generation of web3 innovators through a variety of fields.

To achieve institutional adoption and mass-market opportunities, technology that's reliable, scalable, and secure is essential. We see exciting synergies in working with Google Cloud, and look forward to accelerating development and innovation on the Tezos blockchain together,” Mason Edwards, chief commercial officer at Tezos Foundation commented on the partnership.

Following his partner's thought, James Tromans, Engineering Director, Web3 at Google Cloud, added: “At Google Cloud, we’re providing secure and reliable infrastructure for Web3 founders and developers to innovate and scale their applications. We look forward to bringing the dependability and scalability of Google Cloud to power Web3 applications on Tezos.

The pioneering proof-of-stake, green blockchain Tezos deployed by Google Cloud will continue pushing forward a mutual goal of creating ecologically-sustainable computing environments. Thus, this partnership will nominally award the major Google branch with the status of the "cleanest cloud in the industry."