Chris Chris 02.10.2022

The Complete Collection of 9999 NFTs is Fully Handcrafted β€” Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

Denis: My name is Denis, I’m the CEO of Nox Ignis. Basically, I’m the author of the idea. I have been working in the web3 industry for 5 years and have extensive experience in developing and launching projects. I was a project architect on two large NFT marketplaces, and a liquidity aggregator that raised about $130 million. Also there are lots of smaller projects in my portfolio where I was a smart contract developer.

Chris: What is the Nox Ignis?

Denis: Nox Ignis is an animated collection that represents a fantastic story about a mythical creature. Each NFT is totally unique and presents itself as part of an exciting story of exploits, adventures, and struggles of the night creature hunter. The complete collection of 9999 NFTs is the first digital animated NFT story - a collection of mystical actions. What makes us different from other projects - our big collection is fully handcrafted. It took lots of effort.

Chris: What inspired you to create the Nox Ignis?

Denis: I have always loved art and engineering, and have always dreamed of creating a project on my own. With the emergence of the NFT market, I was overwhelmed and inspired by the success of well-known projects, as well as the fact that every talent got the opportunity to present himself. So, we began to try our own efforts.
Lot's of time has passed since the beginning of our first attempt and we threw away several collections that we started to create until the idea of Nox Ignis appeared and we fell in love with it.

Chris: Who are the creators of the project? Who is currently on your team?

Denis: Our team doesn't have a big name. To be honest, this is our first joint project in such a line-up, and it became the main stage in the birth of the Nox Ignis team. But we have known each other for a long time, as we worked together for several years on different projects in an outsourcing company. We are not a very large team, but we have considerable experience in development and web3. We have a 2d/3d designer here, a full-stack developer and me - CEO (at the same time smart contract architect).

Chris: Tell us about the # of tokens and how people can buy them and when?

Denis: For the public mint we have launched the website and that is going to be on 23 October.

Chris: Where can collectors buy a Nox Ignis?

Denis: After public mint the collection will be available on the OpenSea.

Chris: Can you please share what are the milestones you are looking very much forward to?

Denis: We believe in the Nox Ignis and love it. Every day of the project life is cool entertainment for our team. We are looking forward to presenting the full collection to people, believe me, there is something to see ;)  Also, don't forget to join our Discord and Twitter. It is the best way to stay informed on news and announcements.