Magic Eden Goes Multi-Chain with the Ethereum NFT Expansion

The initially Solana-centered NFT platform Magic Eden is getting over Ethereum NFTs. Launched back in September 2021, with over $2 billion trade volume so far, Magic Eden is entering a new era, risking to overperform the industry leaders.

Ethereum expansion will allow cross-chain adoption, which puts the marketplace in one row with multi-currency platforms like OpenSea, Binance NFT, and others. Among the features coming with the multi-chain update, there are:

  • Magic Eden List (a whitelist and audience targeting tool)
  • Magic Eden Launchpad (now with ETH/SOL compatibility) 
  • Magic Eden Drop Calendar

All the above-stated features will be provided during August, bringing Solana and Ethereum universes closer with the belief that "NFTs' social, cultural, and connective utilities should be shared across chains."

By going multi-chain, Magic Eden will enable NFT creators to launch their projects hassle-free, while collectors will access new experiences due to added liquidity, the opportunity to trade NFTs with fiat, and low gas fees. On top of that, the marketplace founders promise to roll out useful cross-chain trading analytic tools in a few months. Thus, the latter will include grade-A launch support with a seamless minting setup and profound marketing aid.

Through our cross-chain Launchpad, creators will unlock a new set of audience through which they can amplify and grow their projects, as well as tap into additional sources of liquidity. Creators launching with Magic Eden will no longer have to face the difficult decision of choosing one chain over another at the cost of limiting their potential audience reach. Web3 is a place for us to share knowledge and evolve together,” Zhuoxun Yin, Magic Eden's COO and Co-Founder, said.

With the community needs in mind, Magic Eden has all the chances to make the competitors bite the dust. Currently, the platform is conducting private beta tests to support the launch of cross-currency trading, offering the never-before-seen range of SOL/ETH NFTs to the web3 community.