Formula One Files for NFT and Blockchain-Centered Trademarks Foreseeing Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023

In anticipation of the upcoming 2023 Las Vegas Strip Circuit Grand Prix, F1 filed for two new web3 trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on August 23rd. The applications concern the trademark and logo for the Las Vegas Strip Circuit with a whole bunch of NFT and crypto-related treats and services.

Among the most interesting filings to mention are NFTs, outlining the ownership of IRL items like automobile equipment, apparel, accessories, and even perfumery.

As for blockchain-related features, the filing suggests downloadable software for cryptocurrency transactions, which hints at the upcoming opportunity of supporting crypto payments for tickets, merch, and beyond.

Financial filing will compile e-wallet and crypto with the wallet-to-wallet transfer of assets, including NFTs. Moreover, the application features cryptocurrency trading, electronic funds transfers via blockchain, provision of non-fungible tokens, and more. Finally, an online marketplace for digital collectibles will be created, as well as a web3 retail store, where VR goods, including sports-inspired software, downloadable digital media, and computer programs will be sold.

In recent months increasingly more big sports organizations like English Football Premier League, as well as celebs and major brands, such as Mars Inc. are filing for NFTs and web3 services. That’s why the current web3 applications by F1 come as no surprise.

Formula One has recently been a major advertising provider for dozens of crypto exchanges and NFT projects. With such a great focus on blockchain technologies the new F1 Las Vegas Strip Circuit Grand Prix of 2023 will deliver even more outstanding experiences and goodies for Formula One fans and teams.