Rarible and Creation Coffee Release a GM mfer Coffee Line for NFT Degens

Every NFT degen, waiting till morning for blue-chip mints, is in great need of an invigorating drink. Coffee is the first beverage that pops up in degens' minds to stay active all night long and welcome the community with a GM. That's why Rarible is coming up with a caffeine booster inspired by its Mfer NFT community — GM mfer — a special coffee for crypto degens.

The first-ever GM mfer will be a very limited-edition batch of whole-bean and ground coffee beans of light and medium roast created in partnership with Creation Coffee. 

I don’t think people realize how many Rarible team members own mfers or how obsessed we are with them. We’re especially proud to have partnered with Sartoshi before they retired to build a community marketplace for their family of projects, including Creyzies and End Of Sartoshi. We believe in everything mfers stand for - cc0, community, memes, laughs, building without limits, and empowering anyone to be a mfer," Adam Ilenich, Head of Community at Rarible, commented on the launch.

GM mfer gives back to the mfers, with 25% of all profits from coffee sales going back to the treasury. If you are a mfer hodler, you can go grab your delicious energy booster and give back to yourself and the community alike.

Unlike it was with the 10K Mfer NFT collection, the first edition of the top-notch coffee line comprises only 200 packs sold at $17.50 each at $4.99 delivery throughout Michigan. The coffee packs are currently available for US residents via the Creation Coffee x Raribe website. Drop by and benefit from free shipping throughout Michigan state on orders over $35, which is only the price of two super-quality coffee packs.

According to Rarible, currently, GM mfer can't be purchased with crypto, but it will probably change soon. Once you are a US resident, don't miss out on purchasing a grade-A coffee pack and start each morning with a cup of a GM mfer!