Chris Chris 27.05.2022

At the End of the 1st Roadmap Each Holder will be Airdropped an Undead Dragon β€” Creator's Interview

Chris: Hi! Can you tell us more about yourself and the role you're playing in that blooming project?

JD: My name is JD, and I am the Founder of The Depressed Dragon Club. I’m a Finance Manager and I’ve struggled with depression my whole life and I love Cryptocurrency and NFTs and I wanted to build a community so people could talk about anything and get anything off their chest as well as discuss the project and other Crypto related topics as well as get an NFT that will benefit them (The Holders) in the long run. I am new to creating an NFT project but I want to take this projects and the projects to come to the Moon and see others create their own wealth with their NFTS.

Chris: Depression is a common mental health concern nowadays. How will the Club of the Depressed Dragons assist through their latest release of 10,000 tokens?

JD: Yes indeed it is and The Depressed Dragon Club will have a channel in Discord for Holders only to talk about their struggles or just to get some things off their chest after a bad day. We are also proud to announce that upon sellout The Depressed Dragon Club will donate $250,000 to The National Alliance on Mental Health.

Chris: The tokens are a work of digital art. What makes each NFT different from the others in the collection? What are the different traits?

JD: Each of our 10,000 NFTs are 100% different and unique in their own way, from as badass as laser eyes to something as small as a joint it its mouth or biting a Bitcoin. But we do have rarities for our dragons and they go as follows: 1% will have a Diamond Skin 3% will have a Shiny Gold Skin 6% will have a rainbow skin and either have spots or no spots 20% will have some cool Tiger Skins 25% will have spotted skins 45% will just have regular different colored fur. We are excited to see how they all turn out upon mint day and we will be doing Sneak Peeks on our Discord and Twitter.

Chris: Additionally, what is the expected price of the token? How much of the cost would comprise of minting cost?

JD: So Whitelisted Members can mint up to two Depressed Dragons at a price of 0.1ETH + GAS and if they don’t all sell out in the Whitelist sale there will be a Public Mint and each NFT will cost 0.2ETH + GAS 

Chris: The first roadmap also specifies a pre-sale. Is it possible to get on the whitelist? How many tokens will be up for sale in the presale?

JD: Yes we will have a Pre-Sale and it is possible to Whitelist. All you have to do is Join the Discord and either invite 20 active members or reach level 20 in the Discord by being active in the Community. There will be 4,995 Whitelist spots and everybody can mint two which means the NFTs could sell out on the Pre-Sale since we are holding back 10 Depressed Dragons to airdrop to 10 lucky Holders upon sellout.

Chris: Subsequently, what will be the price of each token in the presale? Do you have a minting limit in the presale for every whitelisted member?

JD: I said this earlier but each NFT in the Pre-Sale will be 0.1ETH + GAS and each person in the Pre-Sale will be able to mint 2 Depressed Dragon NFTs.

Chris: Moreover, what is the payback scheme post-sale of the tokens? How much of the revenue will be pulled back for payment to parents?

JD: At the end of the 1st Roadmap each holder will be airdropped an Undead Dragon and we do have future plans in the 2nd roadmap to airdrop a community cryptocurrency to each Holder. But in the beginning we will sweep the floor on Opensea for anybody that has their Depressed Dragon NFT listed for under 5ETH and redistribute them to Holders that either don’t have their Dragons listed and Holders that have their Dragons list for 5ETH and above to give value to all of our Holders.

Chris: Likewise, what else is planned for the future of the Depressed Dragon Club investors? 

JD: We don’t want to discuss the 2nd roadmap as of right now and we want to put all of our focus on Roadmap 1.0 Everybody can see the Entire roadmap on our Discord.

Chris: In the end, please share more about the team behind the Depressed Dragon tokens. How many members are a part of the core working team and how does each one of them participate in token development?

JD: The Depressed Dragon Club Team is made up of three people me (Founder), My childhood best friend Austin (Co-Founder & Co-Financer), and my dad that has a 20+ career in graphic design (Our Artist). We each have an influence in this project and want to make this as big as possible and bring an investment opportunity to our Holders so that they can achieve financial freedom. We will work day and night and strive to be the next Bored Ape Yacht Club.