GameStop Is About to Release a Non-Custodial Crypto and NFT Wallet

One of the largest US computer games retailers GameStop moves further into Web3 introducing its non-custodial Ethereum wallet to the public. The new wallet will allow crypto holders to store, send, and receive both currencies and NFTs and comes forwarded by its gaming NFT marketplace launched in partnership with Loopring.

Currently, you can try GameStop wallet in the form of Chrome and Brave browser extensions. The company also plans to launch an iPhone-compatible crypto wallet in the near future.

GameStop won't have access to its users' non-custodial wallets, which means that crypto holders only bear full responsibility for their crypto assets. Like it goes with many other wallets, if a unique seed phrase or private key is forgotten, a user may lose access to the wallet once and for all.

While most features of the new GameStop product can hardly be called outstanding, there's still one, which makes it stand out from many others. Thus, Loopring’s zero-knowledge proof roll-up technology allows ETH transactions without high fees.

Although the company will have no access to the users' wallets' contents, it will still collect and store some data, including contact information, display names, profile biography, Ethereum public address details, and Twitter or Reddit usernames.

For now, it's too early to judge whether GameStop's Ethereum and NFT wallet will become an equal competitor to market leaders such as MetaMask. Let’s wait and see.