Chris Chris 17.05.2022

There are Over 50 Different Styles, and Each of Them has Its Own Math Expressions — Founder's Interview

Howdy fellows! Today we are sitting down with Yury — Founder and a generative artist behind the “Yury Coding Art” project.

Chris: Yury Coding has designed its first-ever artwork NFT. Why did you pick circles and chaos are inspirations for the Chaotic Circle NFT?

Yury: That’s a great question! I spent a lot of time understanding why and how we, humans, appreciate art. What makes one image more beautiful/attractive/pleasant than another? How does it work?

One of the ways to make smth visually appealing is to make it both familiar and new at the same time. I decided to start with a circular structure, specifically concentric circular arcs. No matter how chaotically drawn these arcs might be, they are always perfectly aligned with each other, and it creates a sense of order that a human brain can appreciate.

At the same time, all other arc parameters (besides the center point) are heavily randomized, making each artwork and the entire collection interesting to explore.

Chris: Please tell us more about the background of Yury Coding. How long have you been creating artwork? What is your experience in the blockchain platform?

Yury: I’m a self-taught artist. My mom is a math teacher and an amateur painter, and we grew up seeing her pictures on the walls every day (and also painted with her often). My dad is a scientist turned programmer and entrepreneur. That being said, I had minimal chances of being bad at math and programming and also not appreciating art.

When I grew up, I studied computer science at the university, then worked in a few large IT companies. For the last 10+ years, I’ve been successfully bootstrapping various web products (from EdTech to SaaS). In most cases, I did the design part by myself, which is how I learned its basic principles.

Today, my math and programming skills allow me to iterate quickly over ideas and produce complicated algorithms. Love to the art and design skills help with creative ideas and make the artwork aesthetically pleasant. Finally, my entrepreneurial background helps me research the market, plan & implement projects, and tell my story.

I don’t have prior experience in the blockchain platform, and I’m super excited about this first collection to launch very soon.

Chris: In the same way, please describe the chaotic circles. How did you make each token unique? In other words, how is each NFT different from the other?

Yury: There’s plenty of space for making circular-themed outputs look very different from each other. Color palettes, arc sizes and styles, composition, density, overlapping rules, and overall turbulence are the characteristics that vary from one image to another.

There’re over 50 different styles, and each of them has its own math expressions for picking the arc parameters. Some of these styles were designed by me, but most of them were artificially generated by the algorithm. It literally produced its own JS code!

Chris: More importantly, how are the tokens priced? What are the charges for minting one token of the Chaotic Circles?

Yury: Our minting prices are: 

0.09 Ξ OG (all OG spots are filled)

0.10 Ξ WL

0.12 Ξ Public

With these minting prices, the traits combo will be fully randomized. 

However, if the surprise egg thing is not for you, there will be an option to pre-select your favorite style & color palette. It will cost a bit more (details on the minting website soon), but this is the way to get your personal favorite without going on the secondary market.

Chris: So, is your team, a one-man army, or do you have a few people looking after different aspects of NFT development? Please tell us more about the team working on the Chaotic Circles NFT.

Yury: It was a one-person army for the first few months, but then I found a partner. He’s a top-tier programmer and mathematician, and he joined the team as Solidity dev/math advisor.

I also hired a team of 3 fantastic moderators in different timezones to keep an eye on our community Discord server.

So now the total team size is 5.

Chris: Also, please list the steps for minting a token of the Chaotic Circles. Do you also have your wallet?

Yury: 1)Get allowlisted. If you want to mint Chaotic Circles, I highly recommend getting yourself on the allowlist first (or at least on the waitlist). There’re multiple options for that, including various WL games & giveaways, collabs with partner communities, and also a public raffle a few days before the mint date.

2)Register your wallet. We’re using Premint for wallet registration. It checks that you have a Twitter profile connected, that you’re a member of our Discord server, and also that your ETH balance is at least 0.1 Ξ.

3)Mint your Chaotic Circle. On May 28, we’ll have the allowlist minting day. No rush, no gas wars — if you’re allowlisted, this is your day to mint ahead of others. The minting will take place on our website.

If you don’t make it to the allowlist — you’ll have two extra options: the waitlist mint day on May 29 (for some public raffle participants) and also the public mint day on May 30.

Chris: Before closing, we would like to know more about the future plans for the Chaotic Circles. What do you want to create next to expand the scope for the investors of the Chaotic Circles?

Yury: We’re committed to the long-term success of the collection and the "Yury Coding Art" project in general.

Over the next couple of years, we’re going to:

  • increase our social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, and probably TikTok;
  • educate new people about generative art and NFT space;
  • arrange prints & some merch for collectors;
  • release new collections;
  • collaborate with other artists and NFT projects.