Chris Chris 07.06.2022

We Create a Collection of 10,000 Gemstones Just Like Nature did It in the Real World — Creator's Interview

On this joyful day, my guest is Elizaveta, jewellery designer and founder of Body-Positive Gems NFT.

Chris: The concept behind the creation of Body positive Gems is intense! Please share the concept and explain what led you to build the NFT series.

Elizaveta: Gemstone is not a key, a ticket or a pass. It won't open doors to a brave new world for you, won't make you a king or a member of a private club.

A gemstone is just a gemstone. Like gems exist in the real world, so there are gems in the metaverse. Yes, you can use them to make jewelry or otherwise. But the feeling of owning something rare - isn't it a special pleasure? 

Why do we create gemstones in the metaverse? Because we want to change the rules of the game. In the real world, stones are divided into expensive and cheap, which means "good" and "bad". Guess which stones are considered "good"? The ones where randomness is under control. Gemstones with bright color (or lack of it) and without any inclusions are the "good" ones, and, accordingly, the most expensive. But isn't this the perfectionist approach that the society of civilized countries is struggling with? Isn't this the approach that makes too fat people lose weight, and too thin people get fat? Doesn't he dictate to us the only "correct" shape of the nose, skin texture and breast size? 

As a result - anxiety, mental disorders and constant dissatisfaction. Each person, his/her appearance and life - a set of random factors. And no one can influence this randomness. But is it worth blaming ourselves for something over which we don’t have control? And does it make sense to fight it?

Consciously, we understand that this is both meaningless and sometimes even harmful and dangerous. But "ideals" live in our subconscious. And it's harder to deal with them. But not impossible. We call our gemstones body-positive, because we want to show that forms of beauty are not reduced to the ideal, but can be very, very different.

Chris: The gemstones can vary in color and shape. It is astounding that you have been able to build 10000 unique varieties. How??

Elizaveta: We created the first collection of 10.000 gemstones in the metaverse, just like nature did it in the real world. What is our main tool? Randomness. We mixed colors, shapes and inclusions as well as it is usually mixed in nature. So, there are much more than 10.000 gemstones in the real world. And we plan to create two gemstone collections in the future.  

Chris: So, there definitely are some unique characters and traits. What are those? Is there a chart that allows one to identify rare traits?

Elizaveta: There are three main traits - colors (which usually determines the type of gemstone), shape and inclusions. And the main idea of the project is to combine shape, colors and several types of inclusions in order to get unique ones. 

The most common inclusions:

The most common types of gemstones:

Chris: Moreover, what will be the cost of one Body Positive Gem? 

Elizaveta: There are ten pieces from 1.11 eth to 2.27 eth - the rarest ones. And other 9.990 pieces will cost 0.05 eth. 

Chris: So, how to buy a token of the NFT in the marketplace?  Please enlist all important steps.

Elizaveta: We don’t want to create a lot of difficulties in the process of buying. All our NFTs have a fixed price, so you can just choose the desired one and press the “Buy Now” button. The first 10 pieces are already minted. These pieces are the rarest and the most expensive because they contain colors and the mix of inclusions which are not used in other 9.990 gems. 

Chris: Moreover, what is the idea of the team for the enhancement of the scope of Body Positive Gems NFT for its investors? Do you have some concrete plans in mind?

Elizaveta: Yes, sure! We plan to create two gemstone collections in the future. Moreover we are jewelry designers. And our dream is to create a crypto-jewelry collection with our gems. It will be really interesting.

Chris: In the end, please share what have been the marketing initiatives taken by the team to make the token popular and simultaneously gain investor reach?

Elizaveta: This is our first big and serious project in NFT. And now we are in the process of building a strong Twitter, Instagram, Discord and OpenSea community.