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Wiv.io is a blockchain-based technology and home of unique assets which serves both merchants and producers. Some of the unique assets include fine wine, art, and jewelry showcased on their platform for some time before being available for trade. Blockchain technology allows users to securely collect and store information about the asset's provenance and transaction history. In so doing, the blockchain holds the unique assets and insures them in a professionally managed storage facility. Wiv.io platform was launched in 2019 by Tommy Nordam, Hakon Harberg, and Jonathan Soyland.

Wiv.io enhances the sales process for all users on its ecosystem. Asser producers and owners use WIV's technology to tokenize their assets; hence brokers and auctioneers verify provenance at each transaction point. Consumers also trade the assets easily and securely, thanks to technology. The unique asset's provenance is stored on the blockchain making the information difficult to tamper with. Information on the blockchain is distributed globally, making it less vulnerable to hacks and other security concerns. The feature is essential in running the platform since once a unique asset is listed on WiV, its value rises. Users, therefore, become more confident when trading in the platform. The Wiv smart contract facilitates automation of each transaction on the WiV platform, making trades fast, secure, accurate, and cost-efficient.

Each of the unique assets is pegged to an NFT. In that, for each NFT that is transacted, it designates a specific asset. The platform uses WiV-Token, which is ERC-721, as the utility token. The token is unique, just like the assets it is pegged to, free and open standard. Basing it on this standard allows a smart contract to track token ownership. Each token bears a unique identifier with information about that unique asset and unique properties stored as metadata.

The platform uses WiV Wallet for secure storage of WiV Tokens. The wallet also enables payments tailored to the WiV community and asset investors. Users access their WiV Wallet the same way as traditional financial institutions like online banking. They utilize the local, standardized ID solutions, allowing automated and ultra-secure on-boarding procedures, which are super-fast. The WiV Wallet also allows traders and users to track token ownership as they pay for assets.

Wiv has a WiV interface that allows merchants and wholesale partners to connect their existing asses trading systems. e.g. (wine systems) with the WiV Platform. It provides a seamless trading experience for both the businesses and their clients. The API facilitates a quick and straightforward set-up for new clients enabling low maintenance for existing clients.

Clients will use the WiV API to get any information on transactions from the WiV ledger history. They also submit transactions, e.g., orders, payments, or settings changes, securely.

Important highlights at the platform's website:

  • Home – the section explains how the platform works and the digital collectibles it offers.
  • Technology- the section elaborates on entities that make up the platform and how those different entities collaborate.
  • Wine- the section explains wine's unique asset, its producer's management merchants, and marketplaces.
  • NFT marketplace- the section showcases the wine NFTs offered at the platform, with a description of each asset.
  • DeFi- the section elaborates on the decentralized finance system of WiV
  • Company- the section outlines the Wiv technology team.
  • Press- the section publishes new information to users, like upcoming trades.
  • Contact- the section helps users get in touch with the management.

The platform mostly deals with wine as a unique asset and is open to all users. It focuses on the community of investors, producers, and consumers.

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