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Kalamint is a public marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that is the first to be built on the Tezos blockchain. The platform allows users to create and mint NFTs native to Tezos by utilizing the FA2 token standard. Users can buy listed NFTs and add them to their collection or sell them later. The platform concentrates more on tokenized art as their NFT, i.e., poetry, books, and music. The platform is publicly owned and was founded in 2021.

Users can create or mint NFTs at Kalamint. All the transactions in this platform are conducted using KALA tokens. KALA is used as a token of appreciation at the platform, derived from the platform’s Early Adopter Rewards pool. Each user’s activity on the platform earns KALA tokens, which are staked to get a percentage of the platform fees. The tokens are also used as payment on the platform or for governance. KALA governance token is distributed to artists and collectors on the platform weekly. Holders who stake their coins make proposals to the Guild and receive a percentage of the fees of every sale, acting as an incentive.

Kalamint runs on the Tezos blockchain and comes with an FA2. This unified token contract interface supports a wide range of tokens. It also acts as multi-asset contracts which are ERC-1155. FA2 offers a broad expressivity creating novel implementations and inventing token types. It does so while maintaining an interface standard common for wallet integrators and external developers in the platform. Kalamint offers low transaction costs, enabling artists to display their work and mint. The platform employs an NFT registry battling plagiarism or any other form of copyright infringement.

The platform is made up of a community of wardens, creators, and collectors. The platform is an invite-only platform, where the authority of the platform decides who becomes artists at Kalamint. For any new users to become creators on the platform, they have to apply at Kalamint. The wardens then decide and allow the community to vote on whether to admit the new creator. The authority is composed of most community members in the platform, acting as a decentralized gallery. The community has responsibilities including:

  • Voting to add or remove members from the platform
  • Suggesting and voting on platform features
  • Suggesting and voting on reward mechanisms
  • Screening, i.e., verifying artists who can mint and transact on Kalamint

On Kalamint’s official website, there are some essential highlights you won’t miss:

  • Explore- This section outlines the available NFTs, the creator name and edition, the prize it is being offered at, token Id, and the option to buy the NFT.
  • Drops- outlines the new NFTs which are to be released to the platform, and their specifications including, the creator name and edition, prize it is being offered at, token Id as well as the option to buy the NFT
  • Hot Limited Edition – If you ever want to become the owner of some of the limited creations, visit this section. It highlights some of the top limited editions you can find on this platform.
  • Explore More – This section lists other normal collections you can find on this site. Keep exploring, and you might land some unique artworks.

The platform helps artists showcase their work, earn in the process and interact with a community of other creators and art lovers. It uses the KALA token as its native token.

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