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Cryptograph.co is an Ethereum-based blockchain that enables the creation of cryptographs. Cryptographs are digital collectibles that are blockchain-based and created by well-known artists and individuals for charitable events. This platform facilitates their creation, and trading is decentralized. It also protects the authenticity of artworks and is sustainable, making the Cryptographs perpetual. The digital creations (Cryptographs) can be a video, song, artwork, poetry, a performance, or a 3D design. The Perpetual Altruism Company founded the platform.

A Cryptograph is made up of the media, produced by the creator, and a non-fungible token (NFT) minted alongside this media. The Ethereum-based token holds the relevant information about the Cryptograph and its provenance. It ensures the perpetual existence of the Cryptograph and proves its ownership. Additionally, the platform has links to media hosted on several decentralized storage solutions (e.g., IPFS), ensuring that an asset is genuine. The Cryptographs are stored on the platform's servers to display the website and guarantee a seed for Peer-2-Peer downloads. A Cryptograph directly links a creator and a collector, with the creator choosing what rights they want to attach to their Cryptograph. There is a license agreement between the two; the rights follow the token when passed between collectors. Once a collector buys a Cryptograph, they acquire the rights and lose them upon selling the Cryptograph to another collector.

When a new Cryptograph is created, the creator publishes it on the blockchain, and it is sold at auction on the platform. After the first sale, it can be traded forever among collectors on the platform. Each time the Cryptograph is sold, it generates proceeds, which are gifted to a bidder to incentivize them. In the first auction, the Cryptograph's profits are the same as the final bid after the incentive is paid to bidders during the auction. In secondary market auctions, the proceeds are generated as a 10% sale fee. During the gifting, the Cryptograph generates a transfer fee, i.e., 15% of the last sale price as proceeds. Also, bidders who were outbid get a 0.5% incentive fee. The proceeds are divided among the creator if they would like a share, a charitable event of the creator's choosing, and the Cryptograph.co platform. The proceeds are generated in the form of cryptocurrencies. The platform then converts the cryptocurrencies into Fiat currency and distributes the proceeds.

The Cryptograph website is used as the marketplace where collectors browse all Cryptographs in circulation and participate in auctions. Other collectors who have Cryptographs with them make offers and sell them. To conduct those transactions, collectors create an account linked to a digital wallet integrated into the Cryptograph marketplace or use an existing digital wallet via browser extensions or mobile app.

Essential highlights on the website:

  • Market the section enables users to search for a Cryptograph either by the creator's name, collection, or collectible.
  • About- the section provides information about the Cryptographs and how they work
  • Philanthropy- the section explains more about the enterprise behind the marketplace.
  • FAQ- answers the most asked questions
  • Blog- showcases some of the recent Cryptographs and their creators
  • Contact us- the section is for any user who has concerns or queries to contact the platform.

The platform is community-based, open to the public, and targets collectors and creators to have charitable events. It is supported by the Ethereum blockchain alone.

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