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Artemis is set to reinvent the way we interact with NFTs by building the world’s first mobile-focused social NFT platform. Launched first on Solana, Artemis is a mobile-focused experience with a friendly and easy-to-use interface. Artemis is developing its own in-app social community, offering an end-to-end NFT experience for creators to directly connect with their communities, and for users to discover, discuss, share and showcase NFTs, anytime and anywhere. Artemis has started expanding the NFT industry into the real world, especially in the realm of ticketing, luxury, as well as special experiences.

Artemis is also proud of its successful completion of a private funding round, led by Alameda Research, Blue Pool Capital (Alibaba’s family office), Animoca Brands, Mirana Ventures and Moonvault Partners.

Unique features of Artemis -

Compelling Mobile NFT Experience

Artemis has created mobile focused experiences from day 1. In Web2.0, one of the greatest innovations that led to the boom in internet adoption was mobile integration which captured massive user time spent and user engagement. With this at the heart, Artemis is developed to be a mobile native platform where users will be able to enjoy and interact with their NFTs 24/7 and on the go, as well as sharing and discussing them with friends anytime, anywhere.

Own In-App Community

Artemis believes social elements are essential to completing the whole user experience - the users are able to conduct their whole NFT experience all in one app. From discovering and discussing with creators, to collecting NFTs, to interacting, sharing and commenting with friends — users will be able to seamlessly perform all these actions within Artemis, without the need of switching platforms.

Expanding The NFT Industry Into Physical World

Artemis is quickly expanding the NFT industry into the real world. NFT technology can be adapted for real world use cases especially in the realm of ticketing, luxury, as well as special experiences. Such integration with real life use cases will make NFT part of everyday life and nurture a more sustainable and stickier user base for the industry.

Ticketing — Premium tickets for concert, sports events are a great way to utilize NFT technology as it is a natural solution to ensuring ticket provenance and to counter secondary black market scalping.
Luxury — The luxury industry is primed to go into NFTs. Most products in this sector have high prices, struggle with fraudulent counterfeits and are very illiquid in nature. NFT technology can be adapted to establish provenance whilst improving supply chain efficiency in this case.
Experiences — NFT technology can be utilized to offer exclusive access to content from a celebrity or personality.

Artemis is compatible with all Solana wallets, available on Desktop and Mobile web.

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Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/mb536y4g2ddpw3q2

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