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The Summoner's Guild: Spellbooks

Jun 27, 2022 – Jul 04, 2022

We are releasing 101 creatures and our goal is to create an augmented reality app similar to Pokemon Go integrated with NFTs. Where you will be able to catch, fight,...

Mutant Kongs | Aftermarket Battle

Jun 27, 2022 – Jun 29, 2022

Mutant Kongs - The battle for traded volume riches is NFT collection based on Cardano blockchain. There are 7 armies, which add up to the Mutant Kong kingdom's 999 inhabitants.


Merkaba cnft S2: Diamond Cards

Jun 28, 2022 – Jul 05, 2022

A holders card is not uncommon in the realm of cryptocurrencies, but from Merkaba to all in our family, we’ve wanted to bring you something special, something new.We have...

Reach Metaverse Land Sale

Jun 30, 2022 – Jul 07, 2022

Land Sale June 30th-Condo owners get access on the 20th and 50% discount-Whitelisted users get access on the 25th and 25% discount

Land is 500 ADA at public...

Alpharanger: Your Initials

Jun 30, 2022 – Jul 07, 2022

Alphatron is a set of physical mini alphabet figures that can transform and combine. Through the digital art of NFT. We opt to provide a limited set of "Given names"...

Crypto Warrior Hero Drop 2

Jun 30, 2022 – Jul 07, 2022

The second Drop of Heroes for the Mobile Tower Defense Game on Cardano - Crypto Warrior. Our game is currently in a Playable Alpha with over 50 Play Testers as...

Starlight - The Universe on Cardano

Jul 05, 2022 – Jul 12, 2022

Welcome to the future of metaverse.

Starlight is an entire universe on the Cardano Blockchain consisting of connected worlds to give rise to full-fledged interplanetary objectives where each world’s primary...

Prosperia -Zepplin Moon

Jul 09, 2022 – Jul 16, 2022

Prosperians have discovered a massive palladium deposit in the asteroid belt near the Zeppelin Moon on the other side of the star system. This has caused a modern day...

Project Maverick

Jul 23, 2022 – Jul 30, 2022

First P2E surfing game, exclusively on the Cardano Blockchain. Wipeout collection is the first drop of a freshly designed and incredibly thought game mechanics, that will revolutionise the play to...

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