5 NFT collections launched on the 29th of March 2021

TECHNOFISH by Calvin Harris x Emil Nava

Mar 29, 2021 – Mar 29, 2021

A world-renowned singer, songwriter, music producer, and DJ, Calvin Harris has teamed up with a music video director and his close friend, Emil Nava to present an NFT drop to...

Platonic Love by Mike Shinoda x Esteban Diácono

Mar 29, 2021 – Mar 29, 2021

A co-founder of the world-famous rock band Linkin Park, guitarist, vocalist as well as artist, graphic designer, Mike Shinoda, has teamed up with a motion graphics designer,

Dreaming with open eyes by Nois7

Mar 29, 2021 – Mar 29, 2021

On the 29th of March, Robert Jahns aka Nois7 is releasing his “Dreaming with open eyes” NFT collection on Nifty Gateway.

Robert Jahns...

The Revolt by Six N. Five

Mar 29, 2021 – Mar 29, 2021

Six N. Five is a contemporary design studio from Spain specializing in creating films, images, and objects. The studio's specialty is clean aesthetic, poetic composition, and at...

Mulligan’s Odditorium “CryptoFreaks” Drop

Mar 29, 2021 – Mar 31, 2021

The second in the series of the Mulligan Odditorium line will be featuring the next of the Sideshow “CryptoFreaks” editions: “The Strongman”. Following the 1 of 1 of the “Sea...