4 NFT collections launched on the 22nd of March 2021

Super Satoshi by Lucho Poletti

Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 22, 2021

Everyone close to the crypto community is likely to know Lucho Poletti. He is a digital bitcoin artist who spreads the message of Better Money through his art.

Isolation Reflections by Nrlyco

Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 22, 2021

Nathan Riley aka Nrlyco is a 3D designer and co-founder of a creative agency Green Chameleon from Bristol. Since youth age, Nathan Riley has been focusing on...

Digital Destiny by Polygon x VANTAGE

Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 22, 2021

“Beyond the blackest of screens lie the most ethereal beings”

Polygon and VANTAGE have teamed up for releasing a collection of artworks “Digital Destiny”...

Kranky NFT Collection by Superplastic x SketOne

Mar 22, 2021 – Mar 22, 2021

On the 22nd of March, Superplastic is releasing their second NFT drop on Nifty Gateway! The artists say that it’s gonna be an insane collection! If...