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July 01, 2023 – July 08, 2023


Magic Eden



The Lyfeforce Enigma: Unraveling Lyfe

In the depths of a cosmos far beyond our own, whispers of an enigmatic realm echo through the Polyverse.

This elusive domain is said to be inhabited by the Lyfeforce, 777 enigmatic humanoid figures who hold the key to life, creation, and balance in the universe.

From seven veiled worlds, these cryptic factions emerged:

  • The Red Pyraniacs, who wield an arcane flame
  • The Orange Aurorians, who harness a luminous power
  • The Yellow Terraknights, who command the earth's clandestine forces
  • The Green Floratamers, who know the hidden secrets of nature
  • The Blue Aquasages, who hold the wisdom of the deepest waters
  • The Indigo Celestials, who traverse the celestial void
  • The Purple Mystweavers, who manipulate the enigma of time and space

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