Xmas Goodies

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December 09, 2021 – December 16, 2021





Xmas Goodies is a collaborative NFT project by Georgia Yilton and Oel Zekyna.

Design concept

While the immense interaction with smartphones blurs the notion of distance and connectivity in true social relationships, this collection aims to remind us of the need  for genuine communication in the digital age and ignites a sense of playful provocation at home. Each artwork is a standalone design themed around Christmas. Each character carries a little merry Christmas story in the description. Collectively, the digital display allows for a group effort to put up Christmas decorations, forming a festive locus in the physical realm.

Included in the Xmas Goodies collection are 3D Christmas cookies simulated to sway in a gentle breeze (as if hanging from a Christmas tree) and 2D animated GIF profile pictures.


As a social intervention, smartphone users are challenged to play the artwork on a loop and hang their devices from the Christmas tree or place them on the mantelpiece unattended during the gathering.

The more smartphones on display, the merrier. At the end of the scrumptious meal, the NFTs would always be associated with fond memories and hold the owners in eager anticipation for the next.

Season’s greetings

We have baked some Christmas cookies on the Ethereum blockchain and they are looking so delicious. The second batch is in the oven now. There are angels, huskies, penguins, gingerbread men, snowmen painted on glace icing. They are all lovely icons of Christmas and make the gifting experience as well as the festive decorations extra special on the Ethereum blockchain this year.

The NFT project is meant to be a continuous jolly project and will have more drops before Christmas every year.

Merry Christmas!

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