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November 24, 2022 – December 01, 2022

Xer NFT is a collection of 5,400 unique NFTs on the BNB Smart Chain made by XPLUS project, England.

XPLUS SocialFi platform is a decentralized social finance application that aims to allow everyone freely and easily mine and accumulate wealth through their daily social activities, and will distribute $XPT rewards to all active users on a daily basis.

What is XPLUS Xer NFT? 
Adam & Droid are from Universe No.882, they accidentally found tons of $XPT during the multiverse travel. The way to get more $XPT is to connect Xers in different universes. Adam & Droid created XPLUS to connect all the people from different universes and all of you are invited! 
Everyone can utilize the features of the XPLUS SocialFi Ecosystem to unlock $XPT. 

NFT List of Benefits 

1. An identity in XPLUS SocialFi ecosystem and Asset-backed Equity. 
Each minted Xer NFT has its own attributes acting as a unique user identity.

2. Social2Earn Supercharger 
Adam and Droid give a multiplier to social to earn activities, they will help to explore more universally to unlock more $XPT. Their power and minting speed depend on the rarity rating. For instance, "level 7 Xers" is extremely rare with only 60, but its APR up to 437.36% can also be traded in the NFT marketplace to gain more.

3. Yield Station 
Farm the tokens by staking Xers Owners can farm the $XPT token by staking unique Xers, maybe farm the new powerful Xers by staking unique Xers later.

Xers NFT Allocation 
XPLUS allocate 5400 unique Xers in total. 200 of level 1 Xers NFT worth $50 will be airdrop. All of these NFT owners would get a level 1 Xers NFT for free and be ambassadors of XPLUS, Join XPLUS’ discord group, and get more premium benefits. 800 of Xers NFT for whitelist. Once you get the whitelist, you can get a Xers NFT from level 2-level 7 randomly by paying the whitelist mint price of $70, which means you may get the level 7 Xers NFT worth $2000. The rests are 4400 Xers NFT for the upcoming event and NFT marketplace.

How to get a Xers NFT?
· Participate in 50 Xers NFT Airdrop:(JOIN NOW). Ends on 10 Nov - 17 Nov,2022.
· Whitelist Mint for 800 Xers NFT(TBA). 
· Buy NFTs from NFT marketplaces. Starting 24 Nov, 2022.

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