Wonders and important places

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March 07, 2022 – March 14, 2022





Webcitec, starts its new private collection of NFTs called :

Wonders and important places

The intention is to present the wonders and important places in the world, in cardboard images format, so you can have another visual perspective of the different places in the world, very nice and with a curious theme.

You can visit our website and social networks where you will find more information about it.




This collection consists of 70 NFT, which are currently published the first 35 NFT, and progressively will be published until reaching the final top of 70 images of important and exotic places in the world.

This is the first collection, we are already working on the second part of the collection that promises to be very good.

Our world is full of many beautiful places and we can know more about our planet.


20/02/2022: Research on the theme of the collection.

21/02/2022: Design and elaboration of the NFT.

26/02/2022: Creation of the WEB, http://webcitec.com/index.php/wonders-and-important-places/

27/02/2022: Completion of the elaboration of the 70 NFT and publication on the WEB.

28/02/2022: Publication of the first 35 NFT on www.Opensea.io, on the POLIGON network.

02/03/2022: Listing of the first 35 NFT, on the POLIGON network, https://opensea.io/collection/wonders-and-important-places

03/03/2022: Twitter account creation and instagram account configuration.

10/03/2022: List in Opensea the 35 NFT, remaining to complete the 70 NFT, of the first collection.

When all the NFTs are sold, we will start designing the 2nd part and the holders will have 1 free NFT for the 2nd part.

This is not crypto punk or mindless imagery so this NFT collection is going to explode.

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