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February 22, 2023 – March 01, 2023







Wizzzard is a Web 3 application created with the goal of uniting families through their favorite activity — reading books. This is an innovative project with the concept of "Read and earn".

We bring millions of people together to explore the world of Web3 and AI in a simple and fun way. We create a community of happy families, financially independent, changing the world for the better.

With the Wizzzard App, families can earn money by gaining Wizzard tokens while reading stories aloud in the app and earning crypto coins. Not only does this encourage families to spend more quality time together, but it also serves as a way to introduce the concept of artificial intelligence, digital assets, and cryptocurrency to a wider audience in an interesting and interactive way.

We understand the importance of decentralization, security, privacy, and accessibility in today's digital world. That's why we built the Wizzzard App using cutting-edge Web3 technologies, ensuring that our users have complete control over their data and online interactions.

Our app is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone, making it easy for families to earn money while having fun. We have a dedicated team of experts working tirelessly to ensure the app runs smoothly and that our users have the best experience possible.

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