Wildfile Claim

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August 25, 2023 – September 01, 2023



Wildcard’s Wildfile is a definitive soulbound asset for the Wildcard community that represents your legacy in the Wildcard Universe, forever.

The Wildfile is a Web3 protocol that natively interacts and connects with your Discord ID, Web3 wallet, and Twitter account and notices you in the places where Wildcard is played and experienced; including, of course, in-game. The Wildfile records your identity in Wildcard, acknowledges your participation, and will soon include things like your wins and losses, your player progression, how often you show up as a spectator, your Wildcard collectibles, and more.

The Wildfile serves as the persistent record of your engagement and activities in the Wildcard ecosystem. You’ll be able to show off your Wildcard assets and boast your attendance at Wildcard events. You'll also be able to share your Wildcard identity with friends and community members, Wildcard devs, and other Web3 communities! The Wildfile is free to claim. Claim yours on our website.

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