Wild Tangz Series 2

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January 15, 2024 – January 22, 2024





Lots of information is going to come, and you have a little time left to sell all those sh*tcoins and rugs and support builders on Cardano... but here is what we are going to tell you today:

  • Same $25 USD price we launched with
  • Wild Tangz holders will get priority/discounts
  • Brand new, unified, minting platform/experience

Oh, and one more thing. We didn't want to just reinvent the wheel with sketch art. We didn't want to regenerate leftover traits, make a "baby" version, or create a new character. We wanted to pair up with THE BEST ARTIST ON CARDANO and immortalize Tangz with a HUGE ART UPGRADE.

Wen mint? Soon.

Tags: #art

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