Cutiez Angels NFT

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July 21, 2022 – July 28, 2022





Our story begins with a dream which was to create amazing collection of
10k pfp nfts representing unique characters
And build a huge brand around it.

If you are new in crypto world please consider watching cutiez academy
On youtube to learn how to start with crypto and cutiez metaverse !

We spent hours of work , pizzas  and tons of coffee to get this done right!l clean edition of  101 traits and  4 rarity levels were planned, designed and created
To ultimately increase edition variation and uniqueness of cutiez nfts.

 market, economy deep planning and excecution are
We are ready to wagbc!

Now you can have a cutiez angels nft in your wallet or flip it on opensea !
If you have couple and you want to make a  special baby nft wagbc then guess what !?

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