Walking Between Worlds

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February 22, 2022 – March 01, 2022





“In a world ravaged by crisis, our mission is to energize global indigenous communities to amplify First Nations’ powerful, guiding voices through NFTs.”

We have a long-term vision to solve real-life problems and to empower global Indigenous communities that have been disenfranchised for too long. The digital divide in Indigenous communities is real meaning history will just keep repeating itself meaning communities will continue to fall behind. Together we can change that NOW!

Starting with 3 collections that will showcase global Indigenous talent, we will be launching a community token, based on behavioral economics, to appropriately reward community behavior that adds to the project's long-term mission.

Our ultimate vision is to create a long-term platform with pillars of empowerment to provide a level playing field for Indigenous artists to compete with global artists on the same level playing field - the rest is up to the artist's individual talents. If you believe in equality of opportunity, the Walking Between Worlds project is for you.

Our Genesis Collection comprises unique, generative artworks from 4 amazing Indigenous artists from here in Australia, who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, representing the oldest living civilisation on the planet. Over the past 12 months of painstaking patience our (fully doxxed) team has been building trust and bringing together members of the Indigenous community increasingly into our community-focused project.

From the initial sales:

  • 30% of gross profits go to our 4 Indigenous artists,
  • 30% of gross profits go to Indigenous charities chosen by the artists
  • with the balance going to support further community engagement, carbon offset, regulatory and legal advice.

Our 2,222 generative pieces launches on 22/2/22 at 2.22pm (Australian time AEDT ). For US supporters this is 2/21/22 at 22.22pm EST and EU supporters 22/2/22 4.22am. 

As a Genesis Collection holder you will get access:

  • to future pre-mint lists,
  • to holder only events and
  • to earn community tokens by supporting the project's long-term mission.

By supporting our project you are owning part of history as the world's first genuine generative collection of Indigenous art that helps energise the communities that produce them.

Every 10,000 mile walk begins with the first step – make yours by grabbing your unique piece of history as we walk together between the different wonderful worlds of global Indigenous culture that has survived thousands of years.

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